About NewGlue

NewGlue is a branding marketplace connecting passionate logo designers with ambitious small businesses.

How it Works

Our mission is simple and twofold

We know that every action we take matters and realize that it’s not at all about us. Instead, we focus on building a platform that creates more job opportunities for designers while making our customers look like a million bucks.

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Give your company quality branding that sticks!
Are you an ambitious small business looking for professional branding that matches your aspirations and dramatically improves your credibility amongst your customers?
Then you have come to the right place! 
We'd love to help you find the perfect brand for you.

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Instantly pitch your work to millions of potential clients
Are you a passionate designer looking to sell your unsold logos to make some well-deserved passive income? We’ve got you covered!
Join our community of passionate designers and earn money while you sleep!

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Our beliefs about branding

We believe great brands should be in tune with their customers, unique, passionate, consistent and have significant exposure. Naturally, we recommend you to sit down with a designer to talk about your future ambitions and letting the designer craft a visual identity around your needs. This process is fascinating and extremely useful. Sadly, it is also too expensive and time-consuming for most small businesses, which is why we built NewGlue. Our marketplace can source, select, and sell thousands of unique designer logos, and we’re super excited that you’re trying our service.

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1. To be successful, a business needs to look professional
We’re a tight-knit community of talented designers that strongly believe that good branding is key to being a successful business.
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2. Brands should be designed by professionals
We believe in craftsmanship and hard work, and we don’t sell you anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. We guarantee that you will find a unique brand (only sold once with full copyright) to kickstart your business today.
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3. Creatives should get paid for their work
We believe in properly compensating our community of designers for their beautifully crafted logos. Therefore, we pay 80–100% commission on every sold logo.