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Modern bird logo
by Artsigma Design
Modern bird logo
by Artsigma Design
Modern nature logo
by Cristopher Gedda
Vintage mountain logo
by roktiv
Vintage nature logo
by Dmitry Savin
Modern leaf logo
by Jani Tavanxhi
Vintage sun logo
by Artsigma Design
Modern letter H logo
by Jost Logos
Vintage mountain logo
by Smyth
Modern mountain logo
by Logovision
Vintage letter B logo
by Ryoko Hotani
Playful leaf logo
by kassymkulov
Vintage tree logo
by Artsigma Design
Playful food logo
by Simonas Cerniauskas
Modern nature logo
by Jani Tavanxhi
Vintage leaf logo
by Smyth
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Learn more about Agriculture & Outdoors logos

Natural scenes naturally make great logos!
People love to dream about and visualize the outdoors! If it's animals or flowers, or even rocks, scenes of nature are the building blocks of art and design. This is why those of you in the agricultural or outdoors industry are at an advantage of sorts with your branding visuals: You have a massive pool of simple, evocative, beloved images to pull from!
How does an outdoor or agriculture logo benefit your brand?
There are different ways people have capitalized on the outdoors. Some people harvest and sell natural products, while others sell outdoor adventures and experiences. Those with products often just brand themselves with the literal thing they sell, like a bee logo for honey producers, or a cartoon cow for a farm logo. Those who sell experiences typically try to capture the environment they take place in, like a vast mountain logo. Perhaps you just want to capture the essence of the outdoors and brand your product with it. A beer logo for your brewing company could for example feature a whitewater rapid stream!
With a variety of outdoor logos, you can find the features for you!
What sums up the outdoors to you? How do you depict it with a single image? Perhaps with an animal, like a bear logo, wildcat logo, whale logo. Which animal is native to your brand? Or maybe you're more on the flora side, with a leaf logo, tree logo, or other plant logo. Whatever branding visuals speak to your green thumbed, climbing junkie, or seafaring customers and more, simply browse hundreds of options here! Our professional designers have adjusted shades and tweaked lines with so much variety, you are sure to find the mountain logo in the color and curves you love!
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Modern bird logo
by Casign
Playful floral logo
by Damjan Bulatovic
Playful happy logo
by John Alocelja
Modern archer logo
by Nikolai Janz
Modern letter A logo
by Nikola Matošević
Modern diamond logo
by Jost Logos


What does it mean that the icons are exclusive?

Exclusive icons are only sold once and include full copyright and sole ownership. They are designed and uploaded by professional logo designers who have been verified by NewGlue.

We want to ensure that the designers receive a fair share for their work which is why for every logo that is sold, the majority of the share goes to the designer who created the icon.

Every icon is only sold once and copyright is transferred to you upon purchase.

The icon I was interested in is no longer available for sale, what happened to it?

Since an icon is only sold once, it may occur that an unsold icon was purchased by another customer, and is therefore no longer available for sale.

At this time we cannot provide reservations for an icon you may be interested in and we ask that you keep this in mind if you hold off on making a purchase for a longer period of time.

What is included in my purchase?

You keep the right to your logo and icon once purchased. This includes the rights to use the icon, logo design and other assets created with tool sets provided by Newglue.

You can read more about what's included and pricing on our


You can find full information about copyright in section 4 of NewGlues


Can I make changes to a logo after purchase?
Yes! Everything except the icon can be changed after purchase, this means name changes, fonts, colors and layout can be updated at any time, either using our recommended templates or by using the custom logo tool.
What files are included?

We include multiple versions and formats of the logo, icon and fonts to cover as many use cases as possible. The format and how to use them can be summarized as below:

  • PNG - Rasterized image format, commonly used for publishing or sharing digital images.
  • SVG - Vectorized image format, often used with digital products, such as websites. A modern standard that works great for printing and broad support in the digital environment.
  • EPS - Vectorized image format, an older standard but still commonly used for printing services.

Check the

to see every file that is included.

Do you supply fonts as well, what format are the fonts?

Yes, besides the fonts used in your logo design, we offer you a complementary font package of your choice with a purchase, our suggestions have been hand picked to ensure headline, subheadline and body copy fonts goes well together.

If you change your mind, you can always choose a new font package.

Fonts included in our font packages are modern “Opentype” format which means they are compatible with popular image editing software, websites, e-mails, signatures and more.

These fonts have an open license agreement and are also available via many popular API's for building websites.

Where can I reach out if I have questions or need support?

We mainly communicate via email, we're a small team but aim to reply within 1-3 business days. Depending on your needs, please choose one of the following emails that best fit your description.

I'm a designer, can I join the Newglue designer community?

We're currently not accepting new applications and have an invite-only policy for the Newglue designer community. We aim to work closely with a smaller community to guarantee a high level of quality and allow us to dedicate time to every designer. Read more about our community on our


If you have any questions you can contact us via e-mail at

but please keep in mind that we don't provide invites or review portfolios on request.

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