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Why a crown logo?
People can't resist a crown logo! It is just about the cleanest, most solid symbol of wealth you can use. The idea of a bejeweled, ornamental piece of headgear has in fact been present in cultures and history around the world. Almost always reserved for the highest ranking members of society, the crown originally communicated royalty and the excesses wealth can buy. Crowns may have lost their status as true markers in society, but the modern world has adopted them as a symbol of luxury and legitimacy. Nowadays, one can anoint themselves or their product with the image of the crown if they believe their value is on that level. Luxury products or services therefore might be the first to consider a crown logo for. If a brand, however, simply wants to give themselves legitimacy, it's as simple as putting a crown on the face of their company. It lets customers know they're official, appealing to the legacy generations of royalty builds. With wealth comes abundance, which has been shown to be a very effective marketing strategy. If you communicate an idea of abundance, customers will feel richer!
Put a crown on everything!
Gold is of course the most common color, with gold crown logos present on almost any logo platforms and marketplaces. Silver is also popular, with many found in our catalog! In fact, in the same way crowns are worn on the head, people like to put them on anything! From animals, to plants, to cars with crown logos, it is a symbol that is wearable. Lions with crown logos are extremely popular, as this animal has always historically been associated with regality. And if you are searching for a crown with a leaf logo, look no further than here to find many designers who have incorporated that idea. Furthermore, you will often see crowns woven into ornamental emblem-like logos as a smaller feature in the image, which represents a general sophistication.

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