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Vintage coffee logo
by roktiv
Vintage wine logo
by SImplePixel
Vintage drink logo
by Matthieu Martigny
Vintage bird logo
by Ivana Maciev
Playful food logo
by Simonas Cerniauskas
Vintage leaf logo
by Smyth
Playful glass logo
by Ivan Dehtiarov
Modern drink logo
by Nikola Matošević
Playful drink logo
by Nikola Matošević
Modern restaurant logo
by Chandan Designs
Playful coffee logo
by Nikola Matošević
Playful food logo
by SImplePixel
Vintage drink logo
by SImplePixel
Vintage coffee logo
by Artsigma Design
Modern drink logo
by Simonas Cerniauskas
Vintage coffee logo
by roktiv
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Learn more about Food & Drinks logos

Looking for a food logo to bring home the bacon?
We got you covered! When you start your food and drink business and want only the finest food logos, your choice of colors should be just as appetizing as the food you serve.

Choose colors, fonts, and symbols wisely as they play a significant role in creating branding for your food and drink empire. Also, be sure to go with a high-quality designer logo. We don't recommend you design your logo yourself unless you have significant graphic design and branding experience.
Impress future clients with your new food and drink logo today!
If you're looking for food logo inspiration, you've come to the right place! Browse food logo ideas and drink logos for any type of business, from fast food logos to the greenest looking healthy food logo.
Don't know what to look for because branding isn't your cup of tea?
No problem, simply browse the logos and think about what colors, fonts, and symbols resonate with you. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Are there any favorite ingredients you could use as imagery for your logo? That usually helps!
Still feel like finding the perfect food and drink logo is not a piece of cake?
Don't worry. We've carefully curated only the food logo ideas for you. Whether you're searching for a seafood logo or food truck logo, our designers have worked with hundreds of clients in your industry and know exactly how to create a logo design that breathes quality.
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Unlike other logo platforms, NewGlue allows you to create your dream brand - hassle-free.

  • One affordable price
  • Each logo only sold once
  • Free updates after purchase
  • Full style guide included
  • All needed files and formats
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100k+ unique icons, designed by professionals and only sold once

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Work from Top Designers

Playful musical note logo
by Arthur
Modern letter A logo
by Nikola Matošević
Modern deer logo
by Sergio Vichique
Vintage rabbit logo
by Luz Viera
Modern bird logo
by Casign
Playful bird logo
by Angela Cuellar


What does it mean that the icons are exclusive?

Exclusive icons are only sold once and include full copyright and sole ownership. They are designed and uploaded by professional logo designers who have been verified by NewGlue.

We want to ensure that the designers receive a fair share for their work which is why for every logo that is sold, the majority of the share goes to the designer who created the icon.

Every icon is only sold once and copyright is transferred to you upon purchase.

The icon I was interested in is no longer available for sale, what happened to it?

Since an icon is only sold once, it may occur that an unsold icon was purchased by another customer, and is therefore no longer available for sale.

At this time we cannot provide reservations for an icon you may be interested in and we ask that you keep this in mind if you hold off on making a purchase for a longer period of time.

What is included in my purchase?

You keep the right to your logo and icon once purchased. This includes the rights to use the icon, logo design and other assets created with tool sets provided by Newglue.

You can read more about what's included and pricing on our


You can find full information about copyright in section 4 of NewGlues


Can I make changes to a logo after purchase?
Yes! Everything except the icon can be changed after purchase, this means name changes, fonts, colors and layout can be updated at any time, either using our recommended templates or by using the custom logo tool.
What files are included?

We include multiple versions and formats of the logo, icon and fonts to cover as many use cases as possible. The format and how to use them can be summarized as below:

  • PNG - Rasterized image format, commonly used for publishing or sharing digital images.
  • SVG - Vectorized image format, often used with digital products, such as websites. A modern standard that works great for printing and broad support in the digital environment.
  • EPS - Vectorized image format, an older standard but still commonly used for printing services.

Check the

to see every file that is included.

Do you supply fonts as well, what format are the fonts?

Yes, besides the fonts used in your logo design, we offer you a complementary font package of your choice with a purchase, our suggestions have been hand picked to ensure headline, subheadline and body copy fonts goes well together.

If you change your mind, you can always choose a new font package.

Fonts included in our font packages are modern “Opentype” format which means they are compatible with popular image editing software, websites, e-mails, signatures and more.

These fonts have an open license agreement and are also available via many popular API's for building websites.

Where can I reach out if I have questions or need support?

We mainly communicate via email, we're a small team but aim to reply within 1-3 business days. Depending on your needs, please choose one of the following emails that best fit your description.

I'm a designer, can I join the Newglue designer community?

We're currently not accepting new applications and have an invite-only policy for the Newglue designer community. We aim to work closely with a smaller community to guarantee a high level of quality and allow us to dedicate time to every designer. Read more about our community on our


If you have any questions you can contact us via e-mail at

but please keep in mind that we don't provide invites or review portfolios on request.

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