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Want customers to feel smart with a cool fox logo?
Why is the fox so significant? Well, it is definitely not just another animal. Foxes are actually a symbol for many people in the world, even in places where foxes don't live. It is one of the few animals that brands specifically depict as a fox, rather than the ambiguous animal shape we often see in logos.
A lot of personality!
Cool, clever, cunning, the fox has taken on many personalities. It is the arch nemesis of the wolf or dog. A smarter animal than the others, we've even seen it with glasses in popular depictions. Consider a fox wearing glasses for your logo! In any case, companies and brands who want to sell a clever personality will use a fox logo. We've seen it as the face of major companies, but the fox logo has come to be popular with smaller companies as well. Particularly those that offer an alternative solution to the mainstream. In fact, they typically grow into that internationally dominant force once their solution becomes mainstream! The fox is your literal underdog.
Which fox logo suits you?
Red foxes are most heavily represented in the real world and the logo world. Red fox logos can be seen in a completely red color, but most often adopt an orange hue, similar to the animal itself. This is definitely the type of fox we associate with those classic smart, cunning characteristics. Brands also use other species such as an arctic fox logo, which can be seen in pure white but most often silver. Silver fox logos have a sharp, steely edge, used by brands who perhaps want to show tones of resilience and toughness. Some companies also just opt for a fox head logo, versus a full body image. This is to strictly capture personality, rather than the smooth physical movement of the animal.
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With logos, you will find you can always change subtle meaning by adding notes of context or color to the design. We've seen the fox on software, clothes, motorcycles, and more in the real world. Perhaps you sell backpacks, and you want a cool backpack fox logo design that everyone walking behind you will see. Or maybe you are in the sports industry and want to convey quick movement in a sports fox logo. One thing is for sure, this small animal has many personalities and characteristics to make logos out of!

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