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Looking for a nature logo to match your passion for the outdoors?

We think the beauty of nature and its unparalleled diversity is one of the many wonders of our universe. Are you ready to give your brand a breath of fresh air and adventure? Then we think a beautiful nature logo might be the right choice for you.

Nature logos work very well for businesses that associate with nature or the outdoors, for example, sports, outdoor activities, health and yoga studios or organic food and drink brands. We're a massive fan of Patagonia, which sells sustainable outdoor clothing and have found an iconic logo showing a mountain range in the background. But even if “nature” doesn't immediately spring to mind when you think of your company, you can still brand yourself extremely well using nature imagery and colors.

Ready to impress future clients with your nature logo design?

The right imagery will hugely help you communicate all sorts of feelings, emotions and can even go as far as reflecting your company's mission and intentions to your audience. So, are you a brand that wants to position yourself as strong and unwavering? Incorporate mountains into your logo. Going for a relaxed holiday vibe? Then, maybe a logo with a beach or palm trees is for you.

Whatever the color or imagery may be. If you’re looking for inspiration for nature logos, you’ve come to the right place! Browse through hundreds of unique designer pitches for companies big and small, and get inspired by good old Mother Nature.

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