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Whether a night out on the town, a daytime brunch or a late night diner at 4AM, restaurant logos light up the streets thousands pass by in your city! Depending on the design and how much you put yourself out there, you can add a lot of personality to the neighborhood with your restaurant logo. We've carefully curated only the finest restaurant logo ideas for you. Whether you're searching for a hot dog stand logo or Italian restaurant logo, our designers have worked with hundreds of clients in your industry and know exactly how to create a restaurant logo that gets your guests salivating.
Attack the senses
Looking at an example, healthy food logos overwhelmingly use green text, often opting to add a leaf or other type of vegetation. This presumably represents the vibrancy of being healthy, but also likely the heavily vegetarian diets these stores sell. When deciding on a restaurant logo, it is important to consider how your type of food stimulates the senses of taste and smell. What kind of colors and objects come to the mind? Then, how does the sight of the food influence the logo's look? Food and drink are sense heavy, so this guides the decision-making in your food product logos.
How restaurant logos look
We're seeing widespread popularity with bakeries going for a cute vintage look with their exterior branding, such as in a cake shop logo. Pub logos almost always show a throwback style to old times, simulating an old English or European style when pubs were a hub of exchange. For the numerous chicken restaurant logos you might see on every corner, it will often be an animated chicken character (before it's been turned into food), to simulate a fun environment that is perhaps not an everyday visit. This is true for hot dog logos as well. Indian restaurants often display a modern, glossy style, featuring lettering in an embossed sheen. Just scroll up to see NewGlue's designs for all these restaurant logo ideas.

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