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How safe is your brand?
In the security industry, you protect other people's valuables, whether they're items they purchased or created themselves, or are even their friends and loved ones. What needs to be conveyed in your branding is an ease and friendliness of communication, the reliability to show up in any situation at any time, and most significantly the power to take on the responsibility of protection.

Browse hundreds of logos to find exactly the designs that fit these characteristics. Whether it's your security guard logo, security bank logo, or just general security company logo, make it a top priority to find the design that conveys your company's mission!
Top trends in security logos
With the ever modernizing world of security tactics, the security logo follows a modernizing look. Gradient colors with a hint of transparency, perfectly straight or curved lines, and a metallic sheen have this modernness. Whole polygonal geometric shapes, like hexagons, spheres, or cube logo designs have an omniscient presence, suggesting an awareness of everything that goes on under your watch. A deep red is often used in security logo coloring, perhaps to symbolize calm, benevolence, but seriousness. Logos of buildings and cityscapes are also a popular depiction, directly showing the environment that security companies work in.
Wondering about a cybersecurity logo?
Perhaps you don't work with physical security, but work in the online world of protecting people's virtual valuables. Never fear! Search in our store to find your perfect cybersecurity logo! The modern look is certainly favored with online businesses. We've however also seen the shield used as a well known, potent image for cybersecurity software products and firms. Find a shield logo, or any image that is expandable, versatile, and clickable on all buttons and banners on your online platform. In the ever modernizing security sector, with new instruments and tactics always put in place, there is a push for a modern security logo look.

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