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Want to find the perfect sun logo to shine a positive light on your company?
Who doesn't love the daylight kissing our skin with the rays of the sun? The sun is one of the most basic symbols of life itself, and has a special place in humanity's hearts. We feel that same loving feeling for sun logos! Across time humans have shared feelings of eternity, light, life, wisdom, prosperity, warmth, hope, kinship, a bright future, youth, and more when imagining the sun. The sun is one of the elements that is going to be around for the longest, so it's no wonder people use the sun to idealize things they view or hope will be eternal.

Although we know the sun physically as a circular ball of fire, there are numerous ways to symbolize it. The sun takes several shapes during the day through its multiple positions, which carry different meanings to us. A rising sun meaning the start of something new, the ring outline of midday sunshine symbolizing a strong ongoing bond, and a setting sun the warm feeling of satisfaction.
Capture eternity, daytime, and warmth with a sun logo!
Sun logos, with those golden and yellow colors, can be particularly attractive to the population in the darker winter months. We have often noticed sun logos in everything from holiday travel, to the packaging of foods that need sunlight, like oranges and tomatoes! It is especially powerful in products and services that carry a long term promise of delivery in the future, particularly in the health industry. Cancer treatment centers for example have frequently adopted sun imagery, and this can be very reinforcing to patients who seek hope through treatments. This symbol etches a conviction in people's minds of a product's future success.

Whether it is a sunrise logo, sunset logo or sunshine logo, our designers have worked with all shapes to create unique designs that shine powerfully. There are currently almost 50 sun logo designs to choose from, and more being submitted every day. With a deep dive into our selection, you'll capture the sun the way you want it for the face of your brand!

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