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Learn more about tree logos

A tree logo is your step towards a natural brand!
When we see a tree logo, we know your business is as natural as they come! If you want to represent honesty, integrity, wisdom, and the possibility for growth, then this is the symbol for you. A tree is one of nature's most undeniable yet wondrous features. It doesn't hide, it grows surely but steadily, and always fulfills its promise of growth. You can think of your business in the same way. People often associate a deeper wisdom than is found in humans with trees, since they are around for so long, thousands of years in some cases. For many, a tree tells a story, and you can trace it from the roots to the stems. Displaying this in your logo will evoke the same meaning of storytelling, and of establishment.
You have many tree logo options to choose from!
There are many varieties of trees out there, and depending on your brand, you will likely have to sort through the possibilities. Look into the species. Perhaps a palm tree logo for your fun outdoor beach brand. Or a pine tree logo for a crisp, serious tone. Or maybe a stripped down black tree logo to show strength and clarity. Your tree logo can be influenced by the location of your brand. If your company is located in a particularly deciduous area, why not symbolize age and wisdom with an oak tree logo? NewGlue's tree logo designs include all of these types and more, also depicted in different settings! You may want to show more than a tree in your logo to add some context, in which NewGlue has you covered. Browse our collection to see trees in urban settings, wilderness, and magical places we can't even put a specific name to!

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